Wrongful Death and Drunk Drivers

As an experienced personal injury attorney, Roberta Robinson has represented many clients who have had to file a claim for wrongful death when they suffered the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of another in an automobile accident. She has also successfully represented accident victims due the fault of drunk drivers. Wrongful Death actions are more complicated and need to be documented differently that ordinary automobile accidents. When someone you love has died because of the negligence of a careless driver the value of the case is based on several different factors. Things like medical bills do play a role in the settlement but the loss of provision a worker provided to the family has to be calculated by an economist and experts may be called in to calculate the economic impact the death of a loved one has on the family. Loss of companionship and loss of consortium are also other factors that the insurance company will use to determine the value of the claim. Accidents caused by drunk drivers also require the help of an experienced personal injury attorney who knows the Oklahoma laws dealing with drunk drivers. Circumstances surrounding the drivers state need to be examined for third party liability. Punitive damages may be considered by the experienced personal injury attorney who has dealt with drunk drivers previously. Call Robinson Law PC today if you have questions regarding a recent accident involving a drunk driver or the wrongful death of a relative.