Personal Injury

Personal Injury is an area of the Law that requires a personal injury attorney to have experience in dealing with Tort Law, Insurance Law and familiarity with Medical Terminology and Medical Providers. Roberta Robinson spent 10 years in the Medical Social Work Field prior to becoming a personal injury attorney. She worked in Hospitals in the Tulsa area, obtained a medical terminology certificate and learned to read medical charts and worked with various medical providers. After she began practicing personal injury law Roberta was invited to join the Oklahoma Brain Injury Association Board of Directors. During her time with OKBIA she chaired numerous medical CME conferences and worked with several medical professionals in brain injury rehabilitation. This experience has helped her successfully represent many clients with serious injuries including Traumatic Brain Injuries, Concussions, Spinal Cord Injuries, Rotator Cuff Shoulder Injuries, Herniated and Bulging Disk Injuries, Knee Injuries and Wrongful Death. As a personal injury attorney Roberta thoroughly documents the initial accident by obtaining important pictures and police reports. She provides in depth medical documentation of her clients injuries to the insurance company which reduces the need for litigation down the road. If you have been in an accident it is important that you immediately: 1. Call the police 2. Get insurance information from the other driver 3. Get the names of witnesses to the accident 4. Get pictures of your car and the scene 5. Get pictures of your injuries 6. Get to an emergency room immediately after the accident even if you are not sure if you are hurt 7. Go to an outpatient physician for follow up care consistently 8. Get a copy of your police report Call an experienced personal injury attorney immediately so that valuable evidence is not lost and your injuries are properly documented. If you want personal attention to your case and to your recovery then call Roberta Robinson who will personally meet with you and help you get on the road to recovery as soon as possible!