Advantages of 501c3 Tax Exempt Status

Robinson Law PC nonprofit tax exempt attorneys want their nonprofit tax exempt clients to know that we are serious about helping you maximize every dollar and squeeze every allowable benefit, out of the IRS tax laws and regulations. We are committed to helping you be a good steward of the monies entrusted to you. Our nonprofit lawyers strive to help you to earn a reputation in the public of efficiency in carrying out your exempt purposes. We want your potential donors to be encouraged to support the charitable work you do, with full knowledge that not only does the money go for a good cause, but it does so very much because it is very well managed, ultimately for the benefactors of the charity. Some of the benefits to being an approved 501c3 organization include:
  • Your donors will receive a tax deduction for donations to the organization, and you can give them tax-deductible receipts for all cash and non-cash donations.
  • You can be eligible to pay lower, nonprofit postage rates for bulk mailing.
  • There is access to government and private grants available only for tax-exempt organizations.
  • You are able to apply for some free public service spots on radio and television
  • Trustees and officers may have immunity or at least limited liability for operations of the organization
  • You have stability and perpetual existence that allows the organization to continue its work long after the death of the founder (s).
  • Perks and fringe benefits, such as group life insurance, health insurance, payments of medical expenses and approved corporate pension and retirement plans.
  • Discounts are sometimes offered by some stores to nonprofit organizations and their employees.
  • Discounts to nonprofits on advertising are available in some publications.
  • Can only obtain food from a government food bank if you have this status (even if a church).
  • Protection of property and donated assets to be used for exempt purposes forever, even if first nonprofit dissolves
  • Availability of certain special benefits to pastors of churches and certain types of ministers dealing with taxes and social security.
  • Ability for churches to include subordinate churches (such as in a denomination) under group exemption
We have enjoyed helping churches, ministries, nonprofit organizations and others obtain 501C3 IRS tax exempt status for the past twenty years. We have participated in some of these organizations missions trips and ministry opportunities and provide passionate legal representation based on personal experience with many of these wonderful organizations. We provide affordable legal services and payment plans. Call us for a free consultation today!