Hiring a Family Law Attorney

"People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care".

If you are searching to hire a family law attorney, this statement could never be more true. Because you are dealing with matters of the heart, you want a lawyer who really cares. When it comes to family law, you need an attorney not only versed in the law, but one who will listen. When it comes to family law, we listen to you. There probably is no other area of law practice that requires greater listening skills than family law. This true because with all the outward turmoil going on around you, the emotions inside you are even more volatile. As your family law attorney, Robinson Law PC understands that, and we are sensitive to listen to what is being said and what is not being said, to get a complete picture of your situation. Once we fully understand you and your situation, we can show you we care and take action designed to win your objectives. Robinson law PC family law attorneys have experience advocating on behalf of clients facing a variety of challenges including:
  • Contested Child Custody
  • Property Division Disputes
  • Spousal Support Disputes
  • Protective Orders
  • Supervised Visitation Neccessary due to Parental Unfitness
  • Agreed Divorce Decrees
Roberta Robinson has over 20 years legal experience in the courtroom and has also completed the week long Oklahoma Bar Association Family Law Section Trial Advocacy Institute in Oklahoma City. Mark Robinson has over 20 years legal experience as well as advanced certification in mediation. He also taught mediation, negotiation and business law at Oral Roberts University. These divorce skills and experience provide an effective team to advocate on your behalf. Many of our clients have family law issues as well as financial issues. The interplay of bankruptcy law and family law is extremely important and if you are considering bankruptcy please talk to our attorneys before you file for bankruptcy or for divorce. We have over 20 years experience in family law and bankruptcy law and the timing and nature of your filings can completely affect the discharge ability of debt down the road. This is the mistake you can not afford to make and you need to talk to an attorney who thoroughly understands both areas of the law. Family law issues create crises and an emotional roller coaster. Our attorneys offer the caring help and the aggressive advocacy to bring stabilization and resolution to your situation. And we do so with reasonable rates. With Robinson Law PC you can have experience and compassion. Contact us today.