Child Support and Visitation

Tulsa family law attorneys Robinson Law PC can help you find solutions to issues such as:
  • Child Support Modifications or Temporary Orders
  • Child Visitation Modifications or Temporary Orders
  • Establishing Paternity
When you become a parent, it is for life! If your personal relationship with the other parent does not continue, your rights and obligations as a parent continue forever! Your right to spend time and have a quality relationship with your child should not be affected just because you are going through a dissolution of your marriage. These rights also need to be recognized and enforceable even if you have not ever been married to the other parent of your children. Your legal obligation to provide support for your child continues until they become an adult. If these rights and obligations are not successfully negotiated and memorialized in front of a judge, you could suddenly end up owing the Depart of Human Services thousands of Dollars in back medical care costs and child support that DHC calculated without your input. When the well being of your child is at stake, you need an experienced and caring family law attorney to offer knowledgeable advice on child custody and visitation issues. We will go to court and represent you before a family judge if there is difficulty working out an agreement with the other parent. However, we will work diligently to avoid a lengthy court process, saving you stress, time and money, by using our negotiation skills to help fashion an agreement between the parents that upholds your child's best interests and is satisfactory to both parents. When an agreement is reached outside of court, the Court's involvement is limited only to the approval of the final agreement. You and the other parent get to move on quickly and still have the power to influence your child's future.

Paying child support

When a one parent pays child support to the other, the amount to be paid is based on several factors. Our Oklahoma legislature has adopted mandatory use of a chart or grid, found in the Oklahoma Statutes and commonly referred to as the "Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines". The computation of the child support takes into account factors such as the gross income of each parent, the number of children, the support already being paid for other children from a prior order, health care payments, work-related child care costs, education costs and other extraneous expenses. Because the many factors that can play a part in the final number of child support to be paid, these issues should be addressed with the assistance of an experienced family law attorney to ensure your child's best interests are met. Let Robinson Law PC put their experience to work for you and your child!