Adoption and Guardianship

"Blessed are the children..."

Family law attorneys deal with some tough, sad issues with divorce and custody matters. But those who also practice adoption law are blessed to get to see a much happier side of family law. Robinson Law PC family law attorneys enjoy getting to see families enriched by assisting them with the adoption process. We have helped dozens of families adopt children, both step-parent adoptions and private third party adoptions. Adoption is a wonderful way to add to the life of a minor child. However, the process of adoption can be complex and highly technical, and all legal requirements must be properly satisfied to safeguard the parental rights of adoptive parents. There are many steps in the adoption process in between court proceedings. We will guide you through the adoption maze because we know that your children are worth it! A guardianship can be put in place to preserve and protect someone and their rights for a certain period of time. As with the adoption process, there are many technical requirements under the law in order to to obtain and maintain a proper guardianship. Some will depend upon whether you are seeking a guardianship over a minor child, or over an adult who may need special care due to physical or mental incapacity. The process begins with a petition is filed in court. Later, there will be a hearing where a judge will hear testimony and consider evidence, and then make a ruling approving or denying the guardianship. If a guardian is approved, there will be parameters established on the guardian such as powers and reporting requirements to the court. An experienced family law attorney that has handled guardianship cases can properly advise you in seeking a successful outcome for your case. Robinson Law PC can help you with guardianship's over minors and or adults.