Entertainment & Media Law Contracts

Robinson Law PC entertainment and media law contract attorneys can handle all types of contracts needed for legal matters related to the entertainment industry. We focus our efforts in the music and book publishing industry but because there are many overlapping areas we have transacted deals for clients including those such as video, television, film and motion picture projects, and Internet gaming. Some typical contracts we handle include:
  • Music publishing, co-publishing and participation and royalty agreements
  • Songwriter agreements including single song, catalog deals, licensing, assignments
  • Performing rights organizations royalty contracts such as BMI, ASCAP or SESAC
  • Recording Artist agreements for either side - artist or company
  • Production contracts for producer, session musicians, collaboration agreements, work for hire agreements, guest artists, etc.
  • Marketing, media promotion and publicity agreements
  • Distribution agreements, wholesale and retail
  • Booking agency contracts
  • Artist and Talent management contracts
  • Touring and staging contracts
  • Music Video production agreements
  • Intellectual property agreements including registrations, licensing, sales, mechanical rights, sync rights
  • Contracts for internet and new media applications and distribution platforms, and other trans media opportunities
  • Manuscript, book, screenplay option or purchase agreements
  • Literary agent agreements for authors, graphic artists, designers and Web professionals
Our clients include singers, songwriters, musicians, producers, talent agents and managers, writers, models, software designers/developers, and any company including record companies and publishing companies involved with the production, financing or distribution of musical or literary creative works.