Business Copyrights & Trademarks

Business Intellectual Property, Copyrights and Trademarks

Business Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Professionals, Speakers and Authors often need to protect their creative ideas. Robinson Law PC is a partnership of skilled intellectual property, copyright and trademark attorneys who have broad experience within the business entrepreneurial arena known as "intellectual property law". We provide creative solutions to protecting your hard work with legal tools like Trademarks and Copyrights. Our copyright and trademark lawyers are committed to protecting your work from exploitation and we are committed to the achievement of your dreams.




A "Copyright" protects the way you express an idea, such as an author's ideas expressed in his book, a lecture or teaching expressed in a recording, etc. As the author of "original works of authorship", including certain other intellectual works, you have protection under Title 17 of the US Code ("Copyright Act"). You as the owner of the copyright have the sole right to reproduce copies of the work, display or perform the work publicly, and prepare copies of the original. It is illegal for anyone to violate your rights without your permission. Robinson Law PC has represented many authors, book publishers, graphic artists, and designers in registering and maintaining their copyrights. We would be honored to protect your work with affordable copyrights as well.


A "Trademark" generally protects a distinguishing mark, word, and/or logo design as it is used in connection with the display of goods and services. You want your products or services to clearly "stand out" from others. You must distinguish yourself from others, with a unique trademark that the public will remember and asks for by name. You can protect your investment by using a trademark to prevent others from stealing your customers with cheaper and inferior quality items. There are also intangible benefits to obtaining a trademark quickly, such as goodwill and prestige. For example, you would be proud to say you are an author with West Publishing but you may not be very bold about telling people you have a deal with Mom & Pop Books? Why is that? Because, you know that unlike Mom & Pop Books, people have heard of big names like West Publishing and they know those names stand for quality and success identified by that company's unique trademark. Trademark value will grow as your success grows.

Experienced and Affordable Trademark and Copyright Lawyers

Robinson Law PC Tulsa, Oklahoma intellectual property attorneys have helped business people, professionals and entrepreneurs nationwide with: - Conducting a trademark search to determine eligibility for registration - Processing all application documents - Representation and guidance with the Patent & Trademark Office Examining attorneys - Seeking registration of your mark so that it receives the fullest protection available under the law - Providing counsel and representation beyond just filling out forms, data entry and emailing Robinson Law PC is committed to helping you successfully apply for your copyright or trademark and to represent you throughout the application process. Online firms charge you to simply fill out the application forms and then you are expected to handle the rest of the process on your own.The real work has just begun at that point. We will provide you with an experienced attorney who will follow your application all the way through each of the steps, including response to action items from the examining attorney, notice of publication for opposition, and final registration of the mark. Get the experience, the step by step assistance and the representation to the finish that you deserve! Contact us today! Robinson Law PC offers a free initial consultation and reasonable fees.