Bankruptcy Forms

Your Tulsa Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney at Robinson Law PC will create all of the many forms and schedules required to be filed in your bankruptcy case, based on information provided by you to us. Some of the typical items that we will need are listed below. Your bankruptcy lawyer can more specifically advise you when discussing your unique case with you. Documents to provide: 1. Credit Counseling Certificate ( ph# 1-866-729-0049 2. The previous 6 months of pay stubs (Will be used to calculate the income based means test to see if you should file under Chapter 7 or 13) 3. List of all of the property that you own (i.e. furniture, jewelry, vehicles and real (i.e. home, land) 4. A billing statement from everyone you owe money to 5. Copy of your driver s license or passport 6. Copy of your social security card 7. Copy of any divorce decree or recent support orders 8. Copies of the most recent month's statement for any and all checking, savings, credit union, or brokerage accounts you have or had at any financial institution 9. Copies of all loan agreements with any creditor that has a lien on your home, car, boat or any household furniture and appliances 10. Copies of all titles to vehicles, boats, motors, manufactured homes, motor homes, 5th wheels 11. Copy of deed to home (shows legal description) 12. Two (2) years prior Federal Tax Returns and State Tax Returns